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How To Choose The Right Bed Sheets for Babies

January 11, 2021

How To Choose The Right Bed Sheets for Babies

Newborn babies are delicate and require much care from their parents. Babies spend about 10.5 to 18 hours sleeping for physical and brain development growth in this crucial period. As they are still developing physically, they are not able to regulate their temperature and that’s when it is important to choose the right bed sheets for babies. In this post, we share how to choose the right bed sheets for babies.

How Do I Choose the Right Bedsheets For Babies?

Types of Crib Sheet

Most crib bed sheets are fitted around the corner to make them secure around the mattress. This prevents your baby’s breathing from getting obstructed should the bed sheet get crumpled as they move around. Just make sure the bed sheet fits the mattress well and that it is not loose and bunchy. Also make sure to follow the washing instruction on the bed sheet to prevent it from shrinking if you were to launder it the wrong way.


Cotton is the most common fabric choice for bedding and it is also one of the best choices for crib bedding. The reason is because cotton is breathable. Its breathability makes it feel cool in the summer and warm during cooler days. This applies to 100% cotton bedding and not cotton blend. Cotton also softens over time and is really durable. It is also hypoallergenic, ensuring your little one will not be suffering from any allergies. The only drawback about cotton is that it wrinkles easily.


Bamboo is fast gaining popularity for being environmentally friendly. It has only a small environmental impact in its production compared to cotton. It’s also really soft to the touch but may not be as breathable or durable compared to cotton.


Polyester is another often used material for clothing and also for bedding. It is a budget-friendly alternative to cotton. But it is not as breathable as cotton, though it is less likely to shrink in the wash. However, polyester may not be a good choice when the temperature turns warm.


Waterproof bed sheets are the preferred choice for obvious reasons. Waterproof crib sheets and pillow cases also offer breathability and are soft to the skin and comfortable like cotton. It also is hypoallergenic like 100% cotton crib sheets. On top of that, it can reduce the number of times you need to replace the crib sheets every time your baby’s diaper leaks and leave a mess.

Moreover, waterproof baby bed sheets can also double up as a potty training sheet as your baby grows up and the crib becomes a toddler bed.

No matter which bed sheets you choose for your baby, ensure it is safe and does not cause any hazard. Also, make sure you do not place the crib near any window, within the reach of curtains, blinds, wall-mounted decorations or any cord or furniture. In case your baby is adventurous, he or she may reach out for these things that can cause danger.


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