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Make Simple Changes For a Better Night Sleep

March 09, 2020

Make A Simple Changes to Sleep Better Tonight

You’ve upgraded your pillows and getting addicted to your cool mattress but yet a good sleep is as elusive as ever. If you have tried everything and still wake up with a pair of dark eye circles, it might be time to think again. A new study delved into the bedding habits in Singapore and it turns out that there’s a direct correlation between washing your sheets regularly can be improving your sleep.

The report came up with a number of surprising stats—including that nearly a third of people have entirely forsaken the top sheet—but we’re most interested in this idea of laundry-aided snoozing. Apparently, who were “very satisfied” with their sleep reported washing or changing their bedding every 12.8 days on average, while those who were “very unsatisfied” averaged 19.9 days between washes. Time to organize those quarters.

Experts recommend doing the laundry every week to keep bacteria at bay—but just changing your sheets for one of these hardworking varieties is a good start. Before washing, it is a good idea to read the washing instruction label.

Supima® Cotton


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Don’t knock it till you try it: Supima® cotton ranks in the top one percent of the finest grade cotton available on the planet. Highly breathable so help to regulate your temperature. They get even softer with every wash if you’re ready to up your laundry frequency.


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TENCEL™ home cellulosic fibers produced using environmentally responsible processes offer you long-lasting natural comfort and pure living environments. With an exquisitely silky hand feel and natural sheen, luxurious bed linens is said to soothe hot sleepers.

Jersey Cotton

jersey cotton sheet

Fitted Sheet Set, S$39.90

Jersey cotton is just like any T-Shirt, the extreme softness and superior breathability of this fabric offer next-to-skin comfort at your good night sleep. Clean the sheets and they’re made with sweet dreams in mind.

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